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Lindelöw & Partners is a consulting firm that was started by me, Malin Lindelöw, in 2000. The company's goal is to develop and ensure the quality of recruitment and HR-processes in order to improve efficiency in all types of organizations. The company offers services with regard to training as well as operational recruitment support.

I mainly work with
Training in competence-based recruitment and HR strategy
Assessments of candidates in connection with recruitment and other forms of selection
Development and implementation of tools that support the entire
recruitment and HR-process


I have a close collaboration with partners to ensure that there is capacity also for larger recruitment and assessment projects and to allow my tools to be integrated into a number of recruitment, reference and testing systems.

About me

I completed my undergraduate degree in Social Psychology at London School of Economics and Political Sciences. I then trained in psychotherapy at London Central School of Counseling and Psychotherapy and wrote my PhD thesis in Psychology at Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College in London. I have worked as a researcher at University College Medical School in London and Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. As a researcher I have worked with the development of tests and structured interviews and I have solid methodological knowledge.

I moved on to working with Organizational Psychology and started my company in 2000. The goal was to describe and support a recruitment method that

  • Rested on a scientific foundation

  • Could be used in different types of organizations and at all levels

  • Could be used by anyone

  • Ensured equal opportunities

So far, this has led to three books, all of which are used both as university literature and by practitioners at large.

I work both on an individual and a strategic level. The individual work mainly includes assessments of candidates in connection with recruitment and selection, as well as individual, group or leadership development. I am trained and licensed on a large number of psychological tests and have been involved in developing such instruments, both in scientific and commercial contexts.

The strategic work includes development of recruitment processes and testing policies, development of methods for implementing this, development of training initiatives and training of key users in Sweden and internationally. I have also acted as an advisor regarding how to ensure equal opportunities and increase diversity in organizations.

Products & services

Courses and training

I offer courses and training in competence-based recruitment of various types and scope. The majority of my courses are tailor made for a specific organisation on request, but I also hold open courses.

I offer

  • Inspirational lectures as well as half-day, one-day and two-day training courses

  • Certification courses with examination

  • Online training sessions

  • Blended learning

  • E-learning


I offer assessments of candidates in connection with recruitment and selection, as well as individual, group or leadership development. These are based on a test battery and an in-depth interview.


The test battery is selected based on the requirements of the role and I have access to a wide range of instruments, but place great emphasis on the interview.


I work with all types of organizations and positions, but my focus is on key and managerial roles.

Tools and license agreement

I also provide various types of tools that support the recruitment and HR-process, such as

  • Training material on competency-based recruitment and HR-strategy

  • A competence model

  • Templates for describing roles and specify requirements

  • Interview guides

  • Interview guides for reference taking

  • Behavioral Anchored Rating Scales (BARS)

  • Conversation guides coaching and development


Many organizations use my tools in their own operations under a license agreement and I have collaborations with several system suppliers who have integrated my tools into their functions.

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